My Future Home

For the homeowners out there who already have their dream setup, kudos for seeing through your visions for your home. While a lot of people know exactly what they would love in a house, they usually end up settling for a home that is within their means and then . . . leave it as it is.

I definitely understand getting a house within your budget. That’s a part of the process of getting a home, as your “dream home” is likely something that is crazy expensive.

The thing is, you can still make your dream home come true by adapting whatever you can in your current home to things you like. It’s just that people give up on this part of the process and learn to settle for what they have. They prefer not to give forth any effort and bring to fruition what they had in mind for a perfectly themed kitchen or a well-gardened yard.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? When it comes to time and effort outside of work, most people prefer to just relax and leave things for another day. Does that day ever come, though?

Hardly ever.

So, knowing that much and knowing that I’ll be in the market to buy a home in just over a year, I realize that being too picky isn’t the greatest solution to making my envisioned home come true. Rather, I’ll go into the process realizing that I should buy a home that is within my means but still ticks off a lot of the boxes I have on my list of must haves. For anything that is extra, like having a nice island in the kitchen, well, I can always build that (so long as the kitchen is big enough to have one, of course).

Ultimately, I don’t want to be moving into my house with all my packaging supplies and furniture in tow and thinking “Well, this isn’t the dream house I wanted, but it’ll do.” Instead, I should be lugging those packaging supplies and everything else along thinking “It almost fit the bill, so in the next two years or so, I’ll make sure we add on the things I definitely wish were here!”

It’s all a matter of perspective, like most things. A little extra effort can tie in things nicely and ensure your quality of life is what you expected or wanted from the get go. Don’t settle for things as important as a house, or you’ll most definitely be fine with settling on anything else in your life.


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